As a interdisciplinary designer with a degree in interface design (graduated from University of Applied Sciences Potsdam), I strive to create meaningful and thoughtful projects in a variety of media, scales, and platforms.

My primary aim is to always deliver high-quality work tailored to the client’s needs.

The core values informing my approach are transparency, collaboration, versatility, flexibility, thoroughness, and thoughtfulness.

My work is always guided by my ability to identify the real meaning behind a subject, bring it into sharp focus, and attend to the smallest details in order to maintain the integrity of the concept throughout the iterative process.

Above all, I aspire to create honest, user-centric designs that mix disciplines and styles to deliver the best product to my clients.

Ioannis Sarakasidis
Wollankstraße 101
13187 Berlin

Code by Sebastian Noske
Words by Eric Bain