Kevin Krautgartner is an award-winning German landscape and architectural photographer, videographer, and image editor based in Wuppertal. His work has taken him to many different countries and several continents around the world. When his work began receiving international photography awards and earning more and more attention over the past few years, it was clear that he needed a new, consistent look (logo/identity) to match his heightened profile.

He tasked me with creating a new website and logotype to support his photography and better reflect his professional image. I came up with a basic logotype and visual branding that creates a unified look for his business cards, letterhead, and avatar, as well as website and other aspects of his online presence. For this, I referenced the aperture of a camera window (his primary tool). I carried it through the design subtly, without letting it distract from the artistry of his imagery and leaving ample room for interpretation. This new logotype successfully supports and underlines his professional identity and vision.

A photo out of Kevin’s series 'Sliced Cities' appearing in Apples commercial presenting the first MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. © Apple

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