I was commissioned to develop the visual identity, as well as the desktop and mobile digital touchpoints for the Young Europe project, from the ground up. The main goal of the project was to reach out to its youthful audience and encourage engagement and participation on the pressing issue of Europe’s future. The long-term goal for the project is to create a foundation to fulfill the charter of Young Europe.

Illustration by Kati Szilágyi

As the main touchpoint, the website provides many different types of input options for easily sharing your thoughts – both on a desktop or a mobile device. I focused the design on an intuitive and transparent interface that encourages communication in various formats ­– everything from typing up a quick thought to uploading a whole story, to adding photos or recording a video. A dedicated backend system was set up so that the client could access all the data and receive a sorted overview of all the participants. 

Branding the surface: The design of the button elements is derived from the alternative 'u' out of the Ginto Nord Black letter convolute, which is also in use for the wordmark.

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